excerpt from the press release for Part 1 of The Cloud Computing Guide for Non-Techies by K. C. Flynn




Email, online shopping, social media, videos — whenever we consumers log in, chances are we’re clicking into the cloud. Plus, our smartphones, laptops, and other devices rely on cloud capability. And trends show that workplace IT systems increasingly use cloud services. Whether we know it or not, cloud-enabled technologies are all around us.

Some of the technologies are for consumers and we see them all the time. Think social media and mobile phone apps.

Others are for business and we hear rumblings about them all the time. Think marketplace disruption and peak time Internet traffic.

This first part of the Cloud Computing series is a perfect primer for non-techies. It sets the stage by exploring real-world examples of cloud usage from everyday life. The fast-paced tale features not just data centers and software programs, but also celebrity pics, earthquakes, and the search for a cure for cancer. Find out how interesting — and important — the latest IT phenomenon really is.


Featured questions are:

What does it mean to be “in the cloud”? 

Where is the cloud located? 

What is a data center and why does it matter? 

When a business moves to the cloud, what are the concrete changes to its operations?

To answer the final question above, the short ebook takes a look at numerous cases in which a business chose to run their operations using cloud services. In every case, the effect was dramatic. And who knows where the drama will lead? To The Jetsons’ suburban sprawl? Or The Matrix’ techno-brawl?

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Curious about the bigger picture? The Cloud Computing Guide for Non-Techies is a five-part series that focuses on the IT world’s changing infrastructures, corporate structures, and cultural environments.

These short, no-frills stories remove some of the misconceptions surrounding cloud technology. With better information about how stuff works, non-techies can make wiser tech choices and join the ongoing dialogue about the promises and challenges of the coming age.

Click here for an overview of The Cloud Computing Guide for Non-Techies.

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