Cloud Computing in the Big Picture

The two “snapshots” below compare 1995 and 2015 computing setups that would be used by a non-techie. In 1995 the average person had not yet hooked up their desktop computer to the Internet. By 2015 the Internet is a given, and many average people are on their way to unhooking themselves from their desks.



Even though both snapshots show a person using a computer to get something done, the scenarios differ dramatically as regards computing power, connectivity, capabilities, and human engagement. A short narrative about each of the topics can go a long way toward explaining the logistics and the importance of today’s cloud technologies.

The Cloud Computing Guide for Non-Techies by K. C. Flynn is made up of five short ebooks that each look at one piece of the picture.

Part 1 highlights some real-world examples to characterize our unique moment in the development of new cloud technologies. Part 2 takes a look at modern day cloud computing infrastructure, while Part 3 explores Internet infrastructure. Part 4 identifies how the recent monumental advancements in those two infrastructures have given us new ways to get things done, plus new things to do. Part 5 considers how people are being affected by cloud-enabled social, workplace, and educational environments.

With better information about how stuff works, non-techies can make wiser tech choices and join the ongoing dialogue about the promises and challenges of the coming age.

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